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Industries and Applications
ELITE Tube And Fab delivers high-quality ready-to-
assemble tubular components and assemblies to a
wide variety of industries including:
UTE Tube Punching Machine
ELITE Tube And Fab™ is a turnkey tubing part manufacturer. We utilize a wide
variety of precision tube fabrication processes to bend, punch, and drill aluminum,
stainless steel, mild steel, and copper tubing to meet part specifications.
Steel Tube Bending
We are equipped with UTE CNC tube benders with
precision UTE Touch Control programming, enabling
us to meet the highest standards of quality and
tolerance compliance.
Steel Tube Hole Punching
ELITE utilizes programmable CNC servo controlled
hole punching machines with a Multi-Punch System
-Up to 3 hole sizes can be punched on the same
tube. Holes are punched from the outside supported
by a mandrel giving you a clean hole with slugs
automatically removed from the finished product.
Steel Tube Drilling
We offer precision tube drilling with programmable
Touch Control CNC tube drilling equipment that
delivers accurate, clean cut hole patterns according
to our quality standards and customer
Health and Fitness
Lawn and Garden
Heavy Equipment
Petroleum and Mining
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We Produce High-Quality Fabricated Steel Tubing Products
We Produce High-Quality Fabricated Steel Tubing Products
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